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Rules and Regulations of Beariffic Bearville Buddies
Main RulesFirst of all, I would like to insure parents that this is forum where kids of all ages can roam through. It is 100% safe and we do NOT tolerate bad behavior. Please make sure you are not applying to more than 2 jobs on this forum. We do not allow giving away personal information such as, telephone number, address, websites/forum, state, etc. If we find out someone is doing this, it is an automatic ban. We also do not accept any foul language. No spamming please!! We do not allow you post to just make your posts higher!Advertising WebsitesIn order to advertise your website you must weblink our site back here and it must be a kid-friendly site. We do not allow you to advertise YouTube accounts, porn sites, etc. If you ask we will warn you of such website advertising and ask to not try and ask again. Chatbox Rules1. ALL BN major Rules apply2. Respect your moderators and members3. Please do NOT share personal info such as: Telephone number, address, cell number, etc. You may share emails and IM names with my permission or any other Administrator.4. Only English ;)5. Please do not discuss about Politics, sexual content, religion, other sites, or religion.6. Moderators of the chatbox have the right to kick or possibly ban you7. Please do not ask questions about your questions.8. Please make sure fonts and colors are able to see. Please do not write in red.9. Chatbox is opened only when there is an officer/administrator around. The Officers are the ChatBox Moderators and have the symbol @ before their names.Trading RulesIf you would like to trade please do it the right way. Please do not say, 'What do you want?' Please check the persons want list and if you do not have any items he/she wants, then try and offer something else you think is fair. Yes, please make all trades fair. A fair trade: 50 bearbills for 50 bearbillsAn UNfair trade: 50 bearbills for 300 bearbillsIf you are offering something like the unfair trade, above, then the other person MUST agree. Please do not try and scam people. It is extremely rude and you get the best stuff while the other person has something that EVERYBODY else might have. To trade please follow this format:
Opening Date: Best time to trade with me:Items I offer:BABV Username:Pawlette Coufur:Bearville Outfitters:Bear Stuff:PSI:Other Special Items:Fountain Items:Items I want:Bearville Outfitters:Pawlette Coufur:Bear Stuff:PSI:Other Special Items:Fountain Items
Your Title or subject of your trading post must be your BABV user name or your BBB user name.Auction House RulesTo bid you must be over 10 years old and you must not try and scam people. NO scamming is allowed in BBB and we won't tolerate it. Please follow this format to auction something,
BABV User name:Items bidding:Starting date:Ending date:Bid starts at:
Codes Section RulesOnly Administrators may post codes. If you have a code, please PM ChelseaApril57 with it AND possibly a picture and we will post it and give you credit. ALL codes MUST be Universal or it will NOT be posted!Club RulesClubs is a way for you to express yourself and show things you REALLY like. For example, if I like cats I can make a club about them and hope others join. It's simple! Just follow this format and PM me or any of the Administrators to make a club! Please follow this format, to make OUR job easier.
Club name:Why you think this club would be a good club:What will you do?:Do you think of having a Jr. Club Leader in this club?:Why do YOU think YOU would make a great club leader?:
We will not accept N/A as an answer because becoming a club leader takes A LOT of responsibility. Remember, if you think you are going to be inactive for awhile please contact me so I can remind club members. Graphic Artist/Graphic Ordering RulesMANY people are AMAZING at making graphics for others. If so, this is the right job for you! Keep in mind I or any Administrator looking at your entry has the right to deny it. Administrators will consult with me FIRST before officially making you an Artist to see if I have any objections. If you would like to become please Private Message me OR email me at Bearvillenews@yahoo.com with your application. As always there IS a form to follow which is, Graphic Artist Form
To order from someone please follow this format:
Your name:Bearville username:Type of graphic:Font type:words:Background img/color:Main img:
Explanation:your name: (well, your own name of course)bearville username: (your build-a-bearville username)type of graphic: (avatar, signature, banner, etc.)font type: (the font style e.c. arial, georgia, impact ect..)words: (what you want the graphic to say; this will be in the font type you chose)background img/color: what the background on the graphic shall bemain img: (what the main image on the graphic e.c. your character)
Art GalleryWell, this is for you to show off your AMAZING graphics! All avatars must be 200x300 and all signatures must be 500x250! Please make sure they are KID-Friendly! No, sexual content, no links to other websites, and NO racism! All posts will be moved to Archives a week after! :D
If you follow these simple rules, you will fly far!!! Thank you!-Admin Register Icon_biggrin