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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeSun 13 Sep 2009, 6:56 pm

Rules and Regulations of Bearville Reviews

Main Rules
First of all, I would like to insure parents that this is forum where kids of all ages can roam through. It is 100% safe and we do NOT tolerate bad behavior. Please make sure you are not applying to more than 2 jobs on this forum. We do not allow giving away personal information such as, telephone number, address, websites/forum, state, etc. If we find out someone is doing this, it is an automatic ban. We also do not accept any foul language. No spamming please!! We do not allow you post to just make your posts higher! Also, the colors red and blue are reserved for Administrators, Forum Moderators, and Forum Assists.

Advertising Websites
In order to advertise your website you must weblink our site back here and it must be a kid-friendly site. We do not allow you to advertise YouTube accounts, *censored word* sites, etc. If you ask we will warn you of such website advertising and ask to not try and ask again.

Chatbox Rules
1. ALL BR major Rules apply

2. Respect your moderators and members

3. Please do NOT share personal info such as: Telephone number, address, cell number, etc. You may share emails and IM names with my permission or any other Administrator.

4. Multiple languages are except unless they use foul language

5. Please do not discuss about , sexual content, religion, other sites, or religion.

6. Moderators of the chatbox have the right to kick or possibly ban you

7. Chatbox is opened only when there is an officer/administrator around.

The Officers are the ChatBox Moderators and have the symbol @ before their names.

Trading Rules

To trade you must have read the rules and agreed to them!
Please remember to always follow the format!
- Never get mad
- Don't put an item on your thread if you don't have it
- Trade fairly

Un-fair trade::
50 Bearbills for your bunny glasses
Fair trade::
My bunny glasses for your flamingo mask
Follow this format for your trading thread! Smile
Opening Date:
Best time to trade with me:
Items I offer:
BABV Username:

Pawlette Coufur:
Bearville Outfitters:
Bear Stuff:
Other Special Items:
Fountain Items:

Items I want:
Bearville Outfitters:
Pawlette Coufur:
Bear Stuff:
Other Special Items:
Fountain Items
Your Title or subject of your trading post must be your BABV user name or your BR user name.

Agree to the rules here.

Cooky Codes Rules
- ALL codes must be universal
- Do not post your own codes
- PM an Administrator with your code and we will approve of it!

Club Rules
1. All BR Rules and Regulations apply here.

2. NO clubs can include topics or information about: Trading/Auctioning, Racial Issues, Politics, Sexual Content, or Religion.

We want all of these clubs to be fair. If your club requires a specific
uniform, make sure that ALL items are from the Pawlette Coufur

4. If your club does not follow our rules, we have the right to remove your club with a prior warning.

5. You can only have one club. If you would like to close a club and create a new one, please let us know.

6. You can join as many clubs as you want.

Club Owners are permitted to post contests ONLY if a PM asking for
permission is sent to Carolina, Krissy, or me. (check below for PMing

8. If you would like, you are allowed to make a list of
members who joined your club. Remember if you are going to do this, keep
it updated weekly.

Creating a Club Format

Club Name:

Club Leader:

Club Uniform:

Rules of your Club:

Meeting Schedule:

Club Updates:

Important Events(Parties, Walks, ect):

you are allowed to make banners, logos, and other graphics to support
your club! Make it look nice so that other member will join. Very Happy

Requesting to have a Contest Within Your Club

you are requesting to host a contest within your club, you MUST follow
this format then you send the PM. Remember, we have the right to
disapprove of your request.

Club Name:

Owner's Name:

Contest Name:

What is your Contest About?:

Will there be prizes given? If so, what are they?:


Graphic Artist/Graphic Ordering Rules

On Bearville Reviews we have amazing graphic artists and they should be recognized for it!
If you are picked for a Graphic Artist make sure you have your own shop, if not PM an admin!

Ordering from a Graphic Shop;;
In order to order from a Graphic Shop you must see what the Graphic Artist's form is.
All Graphic shops can be found here.

Art Gallery
Well, this is for you to show off your AMAZING graphics! All avatars must be 200x300 and all signatures must be 500x250! Please make sure they are KID-Friendly! No, sexual content, no links to other websites, and NO racism! All posts will be moved to Archives a week after! Very Happy
Bulletin Board
The section for announcements such as birthdays, events, and more!
There will be a picture of an actual bullletin board with tacks and sticky notes that will
hand-written updates on them.Employments
This section is for people who would like to get employed for jobs on BN.
Different jobs:
- Officers
An officer is not something you can just apply for. You have to work hard
and show us we can trust you. You need to be an active member and help.

-BR Council
Do you have wonderful event ideas? Will your events make everyone satisfied
and having a great time? Do you like Fundraisers? Are you helpful? Well the BR Council is just right for you!
The Bearville Reviews Council hosts fundraisers, parties, and so much more!
To become a BR Council Member please fill out this form:

BABV Username;
Why should I be on the BR Council?;
When are you most free?;
Remember that BR Council Members should attend most of the events so only sign up if you aren't very busy most of the time! Smile
- Graphic Artists
Think you have great graphic skills? Think that your graphics could be
layouts for Bearville Reviews? Think that you could have your very own graphic
shop and make graphics for lots of people, for free? If you think so, you might just qualify for the job.
Here's what you do:
1. Get ready to send a PM to Admin
2. Get 3 graphics that YOU made (please don't lie) and get the codes
3. Post the codes in the PM to admin
4. Tell us why you want this job
5. Send
Make sure the subject is "Graphic Artist Application" and make sure you
send your name, bearville username, and BR Username. Thanks!
- Recruiter
Recruiters are people who help bring new members to Bearville Reviews! Very Happy
What to do;;
- You can post videos on YouTube
- You can send messages on other forums (IF it is allowed!)
If you send a message on another forum and you get in trouble for it, Bearville Reviews is NOT responsible for the action that you have taken!

To apply for this job post below saying;;
"I, Carolina{♥️}, agree to the rules of becoming a BR Recruiter!"
- Chatbox Moderator
Chatbox moderators will mod the chatbox when an Administrator isn't there.
Chatbox Mods have the power to kick/ban someone from the chatbox. They can also clear the chatbox!
If you want to become a Chatbox Moderator please comment below saying;;
"I, Carolina{♥️}, agree to the rules of becoming a Chatbox Moderator!"

Agree to the rules HERE! Thank you for reading the rules! Smile
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Rules and Regulations
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