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 We Need Your Help!

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PostSubject: We Need Your Help!   We Need Your Help! Icon_minitimeSat 06 Nov 2010, 5:32 pm

HI BR members! Very Happy
We are so glad to have you guys here! But, we need your help.
By joining, you have already succeeded in the first step! Very Happy
We understand that most members won't join our new forum, because we don't have many posts, or members. I think that is our main issue right now. But, with your help, and being active, who knows what could happen!
Our goal in creating BR, was to create a FUN environment for people who love BABV! But, with all of the other BABV Forums out there, we are in strict competition to gain members.
We have recruited for about three weeks, but it seems that we only gain guests, that won't register! Razz That's what we need to change. We want our forum to be the best forum out there.

Your job at this point, is to RECRUIT and POST on the forum.
Do whatever it takes to get people's attention to join. If more people join, others will join, then others, and so forth.
Make videos, Tweet, ask your friends, ANYTHING!
With everyone recruiting, we have nothing to lose! Very Happy

Thank you so much for your help! Because if you, our forum is about to be HUGE.

We Need Your Help! 2vlvae8
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PostSubject: Re: We Need Your Help!   We Need Your Help! Icon_minitimeSun 07 Nov 2010, 6:38 am

Well, i put this forum in ALL my accounts, websites and forums that i have been registered in!
I hope people will join because this is a Very special forum where everyone is soo friendly. This is one of the best forums ever, and i dont think there should be any changes. I am always going to be online daily and comment atleast 10 posts a week and i will put this forum in my facebook and everything and tell my friends to join. I willl ask my friends to join this awesome forum! They also play buildabearville but they dont know anything about this forum, that is why i am going to tell them to come here and join this awesome forum! I will tell you what usernames they are going to have so you can see that they are my friends. I hope this forum goodluck, lots of friendship and bears! I will try and do my best to make this the BEST forum ever! I will try and be the best citizen of BearvilleReviews.com! I wish all staff members goodluck and happiness! Thank you! Smile
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We Need Your Help!
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