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 AY (: i'm Krissi ♥

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PostSubject: AY (: i'm Krissi ♥   Sat 23 Oct 2010, 11:15 pm

I am Kristina, but mostly I'm known as SunniStylish, Kris, Krissaaayy, Kristi, h& a lot more xP My favorite color is purple, and my least favorite color is green. my favorite color combo is turquoise and orange. my favorite movie (ever) its disney pixar's Cars. i just absolutely love this movie, it's my favorite. Mater is my bestest buddy! <3 { ♥️ } I love food, too. steak or bacon are my favorite. i have two best friends, { brooke & carolina ♥️ } and many friends and few enemies. { i am a girl living in a big world, trying to decide where to start. } i plan to become a bestselling author when i grow up. i've been writing little stories since third grade, and loved writing since. i rarely share my work with others, tho. i love video editing & photo editing, dancing, and shopping. oh, & talking. i am a talking addict. xD i am also a { R @ N D 0 M ! Z 3 R } i am very random, BUT in the most ADOORABLE way Very Happy (HAHA! YEA! NO! xD) my favorite TV shows are Fish Hooks, Sonny with a chance & keeping Up with the Kardashians. <3 i love -worship- justin bieber, no matter how many friends hate him. ♥️ my favorite holiday is christmas& the day after, i blow the candles out on december { twenty - sixth. } 12/26 <3 Mark it on your calendars.

{ ♥️ } I am obsessed with "Cars" stuff.
{ ♥️ } fish hooks is totally amazing.
{ ♥️ } talking is an addiction
{ ♥️ } justin bieber is another addiction
{ ♥️ } my birthday is the day after christmas. (GREAT
after christmas sales, tho. xD)

K?K, bye :]
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PostSubject: Re: AY (: i'm Krissi ♥   Sun 07 Nov 2010, 12:36 pm

Hey Krissi, nice to find out more about you!
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PostSubject: Re: AY (: i'm Krissi ♥   Sun 07 Nov 2010, 6:27 pm

Lol, hi Krissy nice to meet you
Glad to meet another Justin Bieber addict! {Do you have a fan account on twitter? hahaha, I do, so I know a lot about him!} And please no one hates Justin Bieber, they're all jealous the so-called haters. (;
Nice personality, and hope to talk with you soon! [mostly about Justin (: haha]
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PostSubject: Re: AY (: i'm Krissi ♥   

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AY (: i'm Krissi ♥
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